Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Keep on swimming!


Lily has taken to water a lot like our beagles have. Meaning, not so much. It seems like every May we would start in the same place as the previous May. This year she finally grew a little braver and wanted to 'swim' by herself wearing floaties (actually a Little Mermaid suit with floaties built into the chest which made her look like He-Man). This was a huge improvement from previous summers when she'd want to velcro herself onto Kyle or I. That's super fun for all involved.

Anyway, we finally decided to bite the bullet and pay for swimming lessons, something we didn't think a former lifeguard and a former competitive swimmer should have to do. But clearly our collective swimming know-how wasn't transferring to the youngin, so I signed her up for a one-week class with a woman who's goal it is to make kids safe in the water, no matter what age.

And guess what?

She was doing this (see video of her jumping in and swimming across the pool) on the FIRST DAY! I actually shot this video on the second day, which is amazing after just about 45 minutes of lessons total in her whole life! 

Last night we went to the pool after dinner and she did the same thing with very little hesitation, and no tears (there were copious tears during the lessons) and was begging to jump in just one,  no two, no fifty hundred more times before we left. 

For what's left of this summer we'll continue to practice swimming on her back and then start to get her comfortable flipping over to her stomach, something she is loathe to do. We're also trying to get her little Nemo fins to work-- they both appear pretty 'lucky', which may just be because she's not yet coordinated enough to have her arms doing something different than her legs. She can kick the lights out but her arms are just kinda happy to be there.

We are SO bummed that Hope missed swimming lessons this year due to the school district not notifying us that her ESL camp was cancelled. (I know. We had to show up at the school on Monday morning, along with a bunch of other families, to find out it was cancelled. Class act!) Anyway, Kyle was able to successfully teach Hope to 'swim' earlier this summer thanks to her persistence and determination during a lazy river play day sponsored by Uncle Davey. Bless her heart, the poor thing thought the rest of us were actually breathing under water, so she drank gallons of chlorinated water. That can't be good. Anyway, she finally believed us that you're supposed to hold your breath and caught right on. Hmmm, maybe we're not as dumb as we look! She hasn't been in the pool as much as we'd have liked this summer due to the chlorine seeming to bother her skin, so she hasn't gotten much practice in since then :( She's at her last week of camp this week, so hopefully she's spent some time in the pool there. Her dermatologist is the medical director of the camp, so I'm sure they can adequately address whatever skin problems she might get from the pool water.

School starts in two weeks, so the sad countdown to our empty nest begins!

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Anonymous said...

I was witness to this transforming miracle last night! She really is a swimmer and actually enjoys the water now!!!