Friday, July 06, 2012

Spring 2012 in (fuzzy cell phone) Pictures

Our family photo for church (this is the only picture not taken by me and thus the only good picture in the whole post!)

 A fun day with Nana at the Children's Museum

 At the district orchestra concert with the Keuper girls

At the Fiesta parade, when she finally stopped crying and remembered that she loves riding her bike

I'm not really sure why I think I need to make a themed cake for Danny's birthday, but he got a Giant's hat this year for the big 3-9.

 This is her version of a Puss n' Boots costume. Note the belt/holster holding a 'sword' (kid knife) and boots. She was super annoyed that we didn't have a feather to put on her hat.

It was like no time had passed when Libby came for a visit. They played cars and dress up and presented shows to us NON-STOP, just like the old days.

 On her favorite ride at Sea World, the 'America round.' She also enjoyed the Shamu Express roller coaster for the first time and we rode it 7 times in a row. I wanted to puke and needed a neck brace by the end of it, but she had a blast.
Hope secretly got up early on Mother's Day and made me breakfast (a ham and cheese sandwich and fruit, naturally), duct tape flowers and this sweet note for me. Totally made me cry!

Lily wasn't the only graduate this year-- Rhys graduated from 5th grade and will join Isabel and Hope at middle school next year. I wish this pic wasn't so fuzzy because he looked absolutely adorable.

First time at the pool

Hope and I at the Shen Yun Chinese dance show, where she kept saying, "Aren't you so glad you have daughter come from China so you can come to pretty show like this?"

 Someone has really warmed up to her daddy!

 She's another in two long lines of cooks and workers

  Marlow hit double digits! 

 First time fishing

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Cindy Foote said...

Omg... Mother's day gift from Hope....gonna make me cry!