Friday, July 06, 2012

Monterey Trip in Pictures

We had our best vacation ever in Monterey last week and none of us wanted to come home! We didn't get pictures of everyone we saw and everything we did, but here's what we did capture. We already can't wait till next summer!
Hope's first time at the beach

At the beach with Maryn
Hope loved climbing on the rocks

Kyle and Lily on their favorite front porch

About half of the Chi-talian cousins

And less than half of their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles

Two of Hope's many beloved aunts

First time in the water

I told her if she kept digging she would get to China. What, didn't your mom tell you that too? I have never seen her work so hard.

Fun with the Flips

Isabel's first peek at the Monterey Bay in a few years 

Dressed up for my 20th reunion. How did I get that old?

With Uncle Pete at Hopkins.

One of the lab squids escaped

A repeat of one of our favorite pictures of Kyle and Lily from a few years ago

At dinner with Teetee

With Judi, Maryn and Auntie Fray at the wharf


Cindy Foote said...

Looks like you had so much fun....Amarillo can't beat that for sure;). Miss you guys! Love you! Great pictures!

Kelley Brown said...

Hey Elissa! I haven't check in here in so long! The girls look great, and you look fantastic. Hope your summer has been going well! I need to catch up on more posts here. And I saw in this post that you know a Maryn! That is the name of our new baby girl...same spelling too! It's fun to see it somewhere because you don't see it much.

Hard to believe our oldest girls have been home over a year now!